Mission Statement
Not unlike the modern day athlete, the spirit of open skills competition challenges
today’s academic, career and technical education students. Instead of competing on the
field or track, the Clackamas Regional Skills Competition is providing tomorrow's citizens
with the opportunity to demonstrate the skills and knowledge they have learned in school
and will be applying in tomorrow's world.

For these and other reasons the Clackamas Regional Skills Competition is a functional
part of the educational process:

The event PROMOTES the transition from secondary to post-secondary education.
The event PROVIDES the student an opportunity that may assist his/her future decision making.
The event DEMONSTRATES an educational product to the tax payers,parents, and the community.
The event INVOLVES industry and the public with the educational process.
The event BUILDS and CHALLENGES professional improvement.
The event YIELDS LEADERSHIP and expresses cooperation among the residents of Clackamas County.

The Clackamas Regional Skills Competition is to some a test, to some a trial, to
some an opportunity, but to everyone the event is a realistic experience.

Event Coordinators
Clackamas Community College: Michelle Baker, 503-594-3041
Clackamas Education Service District: Megan Helzerman, 503-675-4017