Clackamas Community College
February 25, 2016
8:30am - 2:00pm

General Rules

  • Participants must be currently enrolled in a high school, alternative school or home school program and of typical high school age.
  • Participants must be authorized for entry by the local high school or alternative school.
  • Participants must meet the qualifications set forth in each competition.
  • Competitions will begin promptly at the times listed in the booklet.
  • The number of entries allowed per school will vary. The individual contest chairperson will determine maximum contest limits.
  • There must be at least two different schools entered in order to run each contest. In the event there are too few participants, the contest will be canceled or the number of students placing for tuition waivers or prizes may be adjusted.
  • Contestants or teams must work independently without assistance from judges, teachers, fellow students, or observers. Contestants may be disqualified for receiving such assistance.
  • The judges will make interpretations of all contest rules, and their decisions will be final.
  • Chaperoning of all persons attending this conference is required and is the responsibility of the local school.
  • Picture taking can only be done with the permission of the competition supervisor.
  • It is important to supply name and home address for each student. This information is used by Clackamas Community College only.
  • THERE WILL BE NO TIES! Division chairpersons are to give the tiebreaker test immediately.
  • In the event of CCC closure or late opening due to inclement weather, the skills contest will be cancelled and not be rescheduled in its entirety. However, departments may choose to reschedule individual competitions. Information regarding closure can be found at or In the event of closure, rescheduling information will be posted at

New contests are encouraged. It should be noted, however, that there would not be an opportunity for scholarships in the trial year of the new contest.

NOTE: Results of the Clackamas Regional Skills Competition will be posted on the website ( after 1:00p.m. on March 4. Please Contact Your High School Coordinator For Results .

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