Clackamas Community College
February 25, 2016
8:30am - 2:00pm


Having difficulty finding parking?

There's usually space available in the Barlow lot. In most instances you'll be no further from your class location. Although it may be tempting to park in no-parking or handicapped spaces, parking citations are issued and vehicles are subject to towing and storage fees. Disabled students should be sure to pick up a state application form from the Department of Motor Vehicles.
On-Campus Location Codes
AC Art Ceter LCX Library Complex
B Barlow Hall LH Lindsley House
C Clairmont Hall P Linus Pauling Science Center
CC Community Center M McLoughlin Hall
CTEC C-TEC Building MOD1 Media Services
D Dye Learning Resource Ctr. MOD2 Assessment/Testing Center
ELC Environmental Learning Ctr. MOD7 LCOP
FRC Family Resource Ctr. MOD8 YPOP
GH Greenhouses R Randall Hall
G Gregory Forum S Streeter Hall
LAX Library Annex TC Training Center

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